Welcome to Too Lemon, an independent entertainment production company focused on unique and experimental types of media. While we primarily create video based projects, we also explore music, podcasts, live-theatre, and more! Check out our different menus to see what we’ve made in the past, look below for our newest work, and even lower for updates on recent developments.

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48 Hour Film

Has This Ever Happened To You?


What’s New with Too Lemon?

We’re currently hard at work with post-production on a number of projects including new sketches, a new series, and an original theatrical production!

The next event on our calendar is the 48 Hour Film Project Los Angeles this August. Maybe we’ll see you there?

Lastly, we have a show on Snapchat! Check out Apocalypse Goals in the Discover Page of the app or head to the show page in the Videos menu for a scannable code.

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