While Too Lemon has not produced much music, we are very interested in collaborating with independent musicians to develop and produce new and exciting audio experiences. Check out some of our in-house and featured artists below! Our featured artists have produced their own music independently but we love them so much that we wanted to share their work with you.


Emerson Harris

“Hey guys I also make music. Music is just kinda how I express myself without having to talk to people. Check it out if you feel like it.”

While Emerson makes his own music, he also works with other artists and bands to produce unique and professional sound. Interested in working with Emerson? Send him an email and maybe your songs will be featured here soon!


Featured Artists

Pal Poxy.jpg

Pal Poxy

Pal Poxy is a drag hip-hop artist, exploring what it really means to be the #1 female rapper today. If you listen carefully, you can hear the inside of a queer person’s brain. In three words: tragic, fierce, and unforgettable.